Thursday, March 26, 2009


My hubby's culinary expertise is legendary among my closest friends and family. His skills in the kitchen truly leave me speechless. Most days as I peruse the shelves of my fridge, trying to piece together some semblance of a meal...I come up short. Spaghetti with sauce from the jar and garlic bread from the foil, tacos from a kit, or chili with the seasoning from the package are my typical fare.

Not my Stevie. He opens that refrigerator door and his eyes light up...his imagination conjures up creations from the items upon those glass shelves that are simply outside of my limited perceptions. It's so much more than just cooking well...or following a recipe's the creativity that seems to ooze from his every pore when he straps on that apron.

As I said, yummy!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Just Can't Do It

The last vestige of my big black girl. I just can't remove it. Each week since she's been gone I've tried to update my grateful list. But to do so would somehow erase my sweet Montana from everyone's memory. I know that seems silly. But I just can't yet. Maybe next week.

on the edge

each day i move the edge draws me near
with every fragile breath
sweet memories gain strength
tears make way for small smiles
and love replaces loss

Sunday, March 15, 2009

On Budgets

Like everyone else in these challenging economic times, we have decided to "tighten our belts", to "cut corners" wherever possible and to "trim the fat" from our budget. So today we tackled our finances. Together, we sat down in front of the computer, spread out our various statements and printouts determining exactly where we stand...financially. And honestly, we're not doing too bad...I must say. But, like anyone who is trying to maintain a positive financial future, there are some changes in store for the Smith household.

No more Starbuck's nonfat vente chai at $5 bucks a pop (which of course always included a pastry at $2.99 and a nonfat vente toffe-nut latte for Laura). Gone.

No more pedicures (unless I have a gift certificate) for $35 plus tip every other weekend! I will have to paint my own toes pretty. Bye-bye.

No more expensive lunches out for Stevie during the work week. He can pack his own brown bag like the rest of us...or eat at the hospital...for free. Adios.

No more impulse buying for things we simply don't need! Regardless of how bad I'm PMS-ing or the type of day I've just had. Later.

So, after calling the cable company to reduce our platinum package to silver, canceling our home phone service, placing my gym membership on hold, and discovering a buried check for almost $3,000 dollars...Steven and I thought we deserved a little the Waterside shops. They were having an amazing sale at both Gap and Banana Republic and I remembered I had an incredible 30% of coupon tucked away in my wallet. After all, I needed some items for the girls' Easter baskets and with my new finanacial awareness, I felt content with my purchases. I think we should do this budget thing every weekend!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Key Biscayne

I love when Steven has conferences and we tag along to enjoy a weekend away. I especially love when Steven has conferences at gorgeous beachside destinations in exclusive and pampering hotels where we are all able to indulge in the luxury for two whole days...for free!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

she is unreal...really.

kinsey prefers to fly under the radar. she doesn't like attention drawn to her when she does well on tests or assignments and reluctantly hands over her straight "A" filled report card only when it is demanded. she refuses to compete in swimming races because she doesn't want anyone to watch her. she absolutely detests if anyone witnesses a tear in the corner of her eye and quickly dries her baby blues when she thinks no one is watching. and the list goes on. but this past sunday...all eyes were on her. after setting off along the venice beach shoreline...pedaling furiously against the wicked winds the cold front brought us that morning...dodging the huge raindrops that pelted our faces and covered our skin in road dirt...she kept on. for thirty-five miles. over bridges with wind gusts over 25 miles per hour. with a fierce determination and not one whiney complaint. she is completely unreal. and i really, really love her.